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I endorse Mike De Blasi for Keizer Council --a candidate who brings planning experience, a vision for traffic/pedestian/bike ways safety and a forward-thinking approach to solutions for the challenges of Keizer's future. He's been a Keizer volunteer and values that local spirit. He will represent all of our citizens and supports diversity as a strength. My vote goes to Mike! — Carolyn Homan

I am endorsing Mike De Blasi for City of Keizer City Council. Having worked with Mike in the city in the past, I know him to be a great representative for the community. Mike is an excellent team player who is always willing to listen. Keizer truly needs someone who can look at retaining the great qualities of the city while introducing new ideas for important change. I encourage you to cast your vote for Mike! — Elizabeth Sagmiller

I am supporting Mike DeBlasi for Keizer city council, position 1. I have known Mike for several years, and know that as a former member of the Planning Commission and current chair of the Keizer Traffic Safety, Bicycle, Pedestrian committee he knows and cares about Keizer. He is also a parent of two children in Keizer schools and his wife is a Keizer teacher. Mike understands what Keizer's strengths are and also how we can work to make our community safe, healthy, and economically strong for everyone. Kathy Lincoln" — Kathy Lincoln

I believe it is time to see some younger faces sitting on our City Council Someone who has some new and fresh ideas-Mike believes that every neighborhood in Keizer should be represented by a Council person- Someone who has EXPERIENCE working with the City - Mike is currently a member of the Keizer Planning Commission and the Traffic Safety Bike and Pedestrian Committee- Someone who believes in safer streets for all - Mike is deeply concerned with the most southern end of Keizer , where numerous pedestrians have been hit and injured and has ideas how to make it safer - Vote for Mike if you want a breath of fresh air, I am!!!! — Carol Doerfler

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